The top San Antonio criminal attorneys will take great care to provide you with the information you need to feel educated about the defense process as you move forward with your criminal defense case. If you have been convicted of a crime or know someone who has, feel free to review the in-depth information below.

When Is a Criminal Lawyer Needed?

Our criminal justice system can be overwhelming and frightening. The incarceration rate in the United States is much higher than that of other industrialized countries. Prison sentences are getting longer and more frequent. If you face the possibility of being accused of a crime, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as early in the process as possible, preferably even before questioning or investigation by the police. A skilled San Antonio TX attorney can fight for your legal and constitutional rights.

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San Antonio Criminal Defense – Free Consultation

For aggressive representation from an experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer, contact Patrick Hancock for a free initial consultation. His criminal defense philosophy involves intense preparation, an investigation that is on par with, and in many cases, better than the authorities and an aggressive posture when advocating our client’s position.

When you are accused of committing a crime in Bexar County and the San Antonio metro area, you are under a great amount of stress because your life may be literally is at stake. A criminal conviction can have a dramatic impact on your life and family. You may lose your reputation, your job and, more importantly, your liberty. Call The Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock now, they can be reached at (210) 223-8844.

If you are convicted of a crime, you face fines, community service, probation, or incarceration. A good criminal defense lawyer can present the best available defense for your case. For example, you may have committed the offense in circumstances justifying your behavior. In other cases, the evidence against you could have been obtained unlawfully, and an experienced criminal defense lawyer can file a motion to suppress evidence with the court.

Criminal Defense Lawyer  Reviews

Just a couple of the 5 Star reviews around the web for the Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock. Take a look at even more reviews on this link.

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More San Antonio Criminal Lawyer Ranking

Daniel Hudson

The high level of professionalism, integrity, and success of Daniel & Hudson is propelled by our two criminal defense lawyers: Douglas Daniel and Brandon Hudson. We will defend you the best way possible if charged with a felony, misdemeanor, Texas state or federal crime. If you need help with a DWI, sexual assault, drug, or theft charge; we’re here for you. We will do everything in our power to fight your charges and restore your freedom.

Guillermo Lara

If you are currently facing criminal charges, or if a loved one has been recently arrested, accused, or charged with a crime, this type of event can be one of life’s most terrifying and overwhelming experiences. No matter what your case entails, however, the San Antonio criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Guillermo Lara Jr. are devoted to helping you or your loved one avoid the unforgiving hand of the criminal justice system. Have you been arrested or accused of a crime in San Antonio? You may have numerous questions and worry about the future of yourself and your family. All it takes is one mistake to face harsh penalties, and it may not even be your mistake. Sometimes, that mistake is committed by law enforcement.

Gary Churak

Mr. Churak has decades of experience as a criminal defense attorney in San Antonio. Criminal law is what he does — he knows it inside and out and understands the tactics that provide the best chance of success in every scenario. He also knows when to work with the district attorney, and when to fight back. His hard-nosed litigation style gives you a much greater chance of success in your case, and his hands-on approach to dealing with clients keeps you informed about your progress every step of the way.

Joseph Aguilera

Dealing with your criminal matter may seem overwhelming. Trust him to handle it and provide you with peace of mind. He offers a no-risk, free consultation, plus evening and weekend appointments. Early intervention by an experienced San Antonio Criminal Attorney is always your best criminal defense. Resolving your criminal charge is going to take more than yelling & screaming, it will require the ability to negotiate with the District Attorney. Over the past 20 years I’ve built a reputation as a straight forward, hard-working San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney that is respected by the DA’s office, Judges & Peers.

Kevin Collins

If you’ve been charged with any crime, you know that the stakes are high and the outcome could be grim. You need counsel from an attorney who knows his way around the courtroom — an attorney who has the experience, knowledge and drive to put your best interests and needs first in making sure justice is done. Kevin Collins has the extensive experience you need for a wide range of Texas criminal charges, from traffic infractions to murder. If you have been charged with a crime in the South Texas area, including Bexar County, we can help. We represent individuals charged with any adult or juvenile offense occurring in Texas.

Juan Carlos Hernandez

If you or a loved one has been accused of committing a crime, you need legal representation from a respected, knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who is committed to protecting your legal rights. Recognized as One of San Antonio’s Best Criminal Defense Attorneys, he proudly represents citizens in and around the San Antonio area, employing highly skilled and effective legal strategies to ensure top-quality representation for his clients. He draws upon his extensive experiences as a former police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. and as a Bexar County Criminal District Court Magistrate Judge to successfully navigate you through the criminal justice system.-jchernandezlaw

Sophia Martinez

As an experienced San Antonio Criminal Defense lawyer with over 20 years of experience, as a former district attorney and criminal defense attorney, she is committed to criminal defense excellence. She is licensed to practice in State and Federal Court and has the knowledge and experience to effectively represent you. She understands the importance of achieving the best results possible for her clients and approaches each case with compassion, diligence, and respect.

Roberto Ambrosino

He has nearly 100 client reviews and attorney endorsements, a 10.0 Avvo Rating, and has been named a Texas Rising Star by Super Lawyers, a honor only awarded to 2.5% of Texas attorneys. Regardless of the complexity of your particular case, you can be sure that he can accomplish your goals as one of San Antonio’s preeminent criminal defense attorneys.

Tylden Shaeffer

Tylden Shaeffer is a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer dedicated to the competent and vigorous defense of accused individuals. Attorney Shaeffer is Board-Certified in criminal law and is known for his unwavering dedication to his clients in both state and federal court systems. As an AV® Rated attorney by Martindale-Hubbell®, you can trust that his reputation is backed by credible sources. Attorney Shaeffer is committed to providing quality legal defense and will fight for your rights.

John Kuntz

Experienced defense attorney John Kuntz is a former prosecutor who knows the Texas and federal criminal justice system inside-out — and puts that knowledge to work for clients at all stages of the legal process. His arrest investigation and case preparation are thorough. He excels at negotiating with those who would convict and punish you. If your case must go to trial, he is a passionate, aggressive crusader for your rights.

Further Reading of San Antonio Criminal Conviction & Defense

Criminal defense lawyers represent individuals who are being prosecuted by the State of Texas or the Federal Government for an act that has been classified as a crime. What constitutes a crime is defined in the Texas Penal Code and by Federal Statutes. Statutes are rules or laws that define what type of conduct is illegal. Crimes are generally classified as “misdemeanors” (less serious offenses that are normally punishable by a fine like some traffic violations, petty theft cases, or possession of a small amount of marijuana) or “felonies” (more serious offenses that warrant imprisonment of one or more years, such as rape, grand theft, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, or homicide/murder).

Texas criminal procedure and practice is complicated and requires a skilled criminal defense lawyer to properly navigate through the process. Criminal attorneys provide an aggressive criminal defense for clients involved in any of the following matters:

  • Drunk Driving/DWI;
  • DWI With an Accident;
  • Vehicular Manslaughter;
  • Hit and Run;
  • Occupational License Offenses;
  • Traffic Crimes;
  • Intoxication Manslaughter;
  • Intoxication Assault;
  • Drug Offenses: Possession, Sales, Transportation, Under the Influence;
  • Theft charges, Employee Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Petty Theft;
  • White Collar Fraud, Embezzlement;
  • Assault, Battery, and other Crimes of Violence;
  • Domestic Violence, Spousal Abuse, Protective Orders;
  • Rape and all Sex Offenses;
  • Murder, Manslaughter, Special Circumstances;
  • Arson, Vandalism and all Property Crimes;
  • Weapons Charges;
  • Outstanding Warrants Recalled;
  • Juvenile Cases of All Types;
  • Motions to Withdraw Guilty Pleas, Motions to Terminate Probation;
  • Probation Violations, Parole Hearings, Sentencing Hearings and
  • Appeals, Applications for Pardons, Clemency, Expungement, and Reductions