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Hi, I am Sharon Powell. We started Disrupt with the idea that when people know better, they do better.

It was founded with a strong belief that everyone has the potential to change their lifestyle and focus on making memories, not just money.

We built a company that we would want to hang out with on the weekends. We founded it with people that we wanted to travel the world with.

We have reached out and started connecting with new friends and bringing them into our circle.

We know we aren’t doing things “the way it’s supposed to be done”, and we’re ok with that. We may never be the biggest company in the world, but we will always be contending for the title of “most fun”.

So come find us at beach, a bonfire, or in the mountains. Let’s have some fun, make some memories and Learn Life!

See your money differently.

Disrupt Money offers tools and education that will help you shake up your financial life and start controlling your money, and not have your money control you.


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