An outdoor headshot of a San Antonio business man wearing sharp looking glasses. This man came to our photography studio looking for a photographer that could meet his needs and requirements.

We took a couple of images with a white background. Since it was partly cloudy I suggested we try some outdoor headshots as well. He seemed to like those even better. If you need a photographer you can work with then come to us. We are Richard’s Photography and have been in business since 1991.

We have been focusing more and more on business type photography. It seems we like to take headshots more than any other type of photography. We do work from home but our home is a luxury home in a posh neighborhood. It looks like you’re in a park when you come into our gated community.

The entrance to our home is all portrait gallery. The room to the left is our studio where we take our portraits for business clients. Our office is right across where we sit our clients down to look at their images on a 27 inch iMac computer. We actually let our clients watch while we edit their images. By the end they know exactly what they will be leaving with.

Richard’s Photography
16418 Inwood Cove Dr
San Antonio, TX 78248


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