This is small introduction for My Cash Car lot. Cash cars are used cars that are not available for finance, Strictly cash!!

With that comes alot of risky 100% of these cars are sold “as is”, which means once your off the lot it’s yours, whatever problems is yours, but not with me!!

I’m doing business much different, The car is sold as is but I also offer warranty!!
Most ppl in this cash car business doesnt

I also created created what I called the “Gentlemans guarantee”

Its something I do for my clients that reflects how much I value your business.
I know if i take care of you I’m sure you are going to send me more business.
which seems like common sense for all car businesses but it’s not, these guys are incredibly greedy!!

and that’s why they dont help you after you buy, it cost them.

Well you no longer have to deal with those greedy types!!

Come and see me if you are in San Antonio, Texas or surrounding areas!!

I’m Taking all the risk out of Buying Cash Cars!! Come By!!

More info on Rob Mitchell “The Cash Car King” of San Antonio, Tx