San Antonio employment offers some of the best security in the Lone Star State and in the nation — at large. Here in San Antonio, jobs continue to crop up, due to the state’s business-friendly environment. Not to mention, more and more people are escaping high tax states in favor of Texas. (There’s also the big benefit of enjoying a milder winter climate, free of freezing temperatures and weather conditions.)When looking at San Antonio employment trends, there’s little doubt there’s a strong job market here. Not just because this is a heavy military region, but there are also a number of other big employers, with more companies either setting up or making the move here.San Antonio offers a vibrant job market, complete with plenty of diversity. Here in San Antonio, employers work in a variety of sectors, including but not limited to: technology, bioscience, renewable energy, professional services, real estate, and manufacturing. In other words, most major, well-paying industries are right here in San Antonio.Currently, the San Antonio employment sector is performing quite well. In fact, the unemployment rate over the course of the past couple of years has either been near or under the national average. Right now, it stands at about 3.6 percent. (That’s a huge accomplishment, considering the nation number now sits at 4.0 percent, with 4.7 percent considered full employment by professional economists.)The average salary in American comes in at approximately ,000 per year, with San Antonio offering an average of just under that figure of around ,000.Plus, San Antonio continues to grow at a steady pace, due to the fact it’s less expensive to live here than it is compared to larger markets in Texas, such as Dallas and Houston. Which means, companies opt to relocate or startup in San Antonio, since it provides a lower cost of living.But, that’s not all. The state itself continues to offer incentives to companies to relocate or establish their businesses here. All in all, this brings more and more job opportunities to San Antonio.Benefits of Living in San AntonioThere are several advantages to living in San Antonio. First and foremost, is an affordable cost of living and a thriving job market. Additionally, San Antonio is one of the most diverse towns in the entire state and it’s also one of the most historic.As you can plainly see, San Antonio certainly has a lot to offer!

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