Get your CDL in 3 to 5 days for 0! Call (469) 332-7188 This is a ,050 value saving you 0. You will receive the actual questions & answers to all 5 of the class A CDL written tests including all 3 of the endorsements, the truck rental with an automatic transmission & 28′ trailer with unlimited retakes until you pass. Read below to see how our program works.

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We also rent Class A & B trucks with automatic transmissions.

We have been in business since 1998 and have a 100% pass rating. Call 469-332-7188

Come get your CDL with us & learn how to shift a 10 or 13 speed manual transmission for free! That’s right free!! Get your CDL with us & save money on training.

★Our Class A CDL 0 Truck Rental Program Includes:

1) the questions & answers to the “actual” (5) five CDL tests including all (3) endorsements,
2) the class A truck rental with an automatic transmission & 28′ pup trailer,
3) going over the truck with our instructor to become familiar with it’s operation,
4) our licensed class A CDL instructor will teach you the tricks & tips to pass the road test,
5) driving the actual road test with our instructor before driving it with a DMV examiner,
6) instruction by our licensed CDL instructor on learning the air brake test on the truck,
7) we will eliminate the pre trip walk around making it easier to pass saving you an hour,
8) the same class A truck to drive the road test with the Texas DMV examiner,
9) & most of all “UNLIMITED” retakes should you fail the road test.
10) Guaranteed in writing! This is for real – No catch! (Your 100% satisfaction is our goal!!!)

We have been in business since 1998 and have a 100% pass rating. Call 469-332-7188

You can take the CDL written tests at your local DMV or any DMV in Texas. Once the written tests are completed, the road/driving test will be done at the Garland, TX DMV the easiest DMV in Texas to pass the road test. The Garland DMV is located at 350 West IH 30 Garland, TX 75043 on the east side of Dallas, TX on Interstate I-30. The Garland DMV can see on the computer the exams you have completed & transfer your paperwork.

Open 7 days a week

Call between 8AM to 9PM

Call 469-332-7188 to sign up.


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Call 469-332-718 to sign up.

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Class A CDL Road Test Garland Texas

Class A CDL Road Test Backing & Parallel Park Garland Texas

How hard is it? Here is Jennifer driving for her third time in 5″ heels.

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