Everything you need to get your learner’s permit and driver license in Texas AND drive collision-free.

All Texas residents with teens under the age of 18 must register with the DPS/Austin by completing the form DL-92 Request For A Parent Taught Driver Education Packet. The DL-92 form is included with our course materials or you can download it here:

Texas DL-92 form
We suggest you download the form and send it off to Austin now so you are ready to begin studying for the permit as soon as you get our course.

Driver Ed in a Box® will satisfy all of your driver education needs and at the same time teach you to become a safe, collision-free driver. The Driver Ed in a Box® program gives you the tools to master the skills of each section of driving (we break it down to Parking Lot, Neighborhood, Two Lane and Four Lane Light Traffic, Freeway, Rural and Heavy Traffic). With our checklist and audio CDs it allows the student to master the skills required in each area at their own pace before moving on to the next section. All of this is completed during the state required permit time.

When you complete the full course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Once you have had your permit for a minimum of 6 months are are at least 16, take this certificate with you to your local DPS office to obtain your driver license.

Parents using Driver Ed in a Box® to work directly with their teen and supervise their progress ensures the safest teen drivers on the road.

For more information about Texas’ driver license laws, please visit:
Texas Department of Public Safety.
“The entire Driver Ed in a Box® kit was most valuable. It made everything very easy to follow and step by step.” — Gracie Palacios, Alamo, Texas

“Our son breezes through everything academic and is naive enough to still believe good grades translates into good at everything. Without the course he would have ended up in an accident. I am sure of it. Thank you again.” — Mary Weseman, Allen, Texas

“I learned many interesting things during this driving program. My in-vehicle experience was a fun and pleasant one. The commentary was a great idea. It allowed my parents to know what was going through my head at that point during driving. It effectively gave my parents the ability to correct my mistakes and make me a better driver. I believe that I am evolving into a collision-free driver. I understand all the risks and consequences. These will make me be even more careful than I was going to be before.” — Paul Hovis, Arlington, Texas

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