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“San Antonio” is title cut from Little Joe’s latest album of the same name, a song close to Joe’s heart. Joe’s relationship with San Antonio has been a great one since the 60’s when he first signed with Corona Records of San Antonio. This song is based from a melody that Joe came up with one night after a gig in New Mexico. Remembering his fondness for San Antonio he started to add the lyrics to the melody on his way back from gig.
While many songs have been written about the city San Antonio, few songs have captured the Chicano pride and cultural diversity of the city quite like this one. The lyrics, “San Antonio mi pueblo adorado” sums up what many San Antonians feel about their beautiful city. A city that welcomes visitors with open arms and is adored by it’s own citizens. “Sus escuelas de clase mundial” from The University of Texas at San Antonio to the westside’s Edgewood Fine Arts Academy, it’s city with educational opportunities that rival most cities San Antonio’s size.
This song is whole heartedly given to the citizens of San Antonio as a gift by Little Joe.
“It has been a long time in coming to recognize your beautiful city. Please support and share this video with all your friends and make it go viral, Viva San Anto’! ” Little Joe Hernandez – 2019

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