(Video Part 1 out of 2 )
This school was built in the 50s, I had to take some videos of this because I had to many memories and also the Administration made a bond for the school to have a new building for South San Antonio. I do have more videos but right now am very busy with other things so when I have the chance, ill upload the others videos. Fill free to give me any old photos of school or videos and I’ll upload it this this page

Here is another link of extra videos

Entrance 1:45

The Patio 3:09

Career Ed 4:54


Middle of 7:27
3rd, E Wing,
& Freshmen

Middle of
3rd, 2nd, 9:54
History Building
&, Freshmen

Middle of
3rd, 2nd, 11:15
& history

1st wing 12:54

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