In mid-August John Oliver, the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, leveled a very unfair, unfortunate, unbalanced, unwarranted and generally unhinged tirade against charter schools.

Here is a brief summary of Mr. Oliver’s presentation: “Some charter schools have been mismanaged. Ergo, ipso facto, presto change-o, all charter schools are bad, bad, bad.”

As we said, it was very unfortunate – especially since the show has been viewed by more than five million people and is being used as a propaganda piece against charters everywhere.

But thanks to CER’s “Hey John Oliver! Back Off My Charter School!” Video Contest, you now have the chance to help set the record straight and let people know how much charter schools are helping their children, families, teachers and communities.

AND you have the chance to win 0,000 for your school.

More info on School of Science and Technology, San Antonio, TX

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