Our mission is to transform the at-risk youth of San Antonio into successful college and career-ready students so that they can achieve the future they deserve as self-supporting adults, role models as parents, and as contributing members of the community.

Recent studies estimate that eleven percent of 16 – 24 year olds, approximately 6.7 million youth, in the U.S. have left school without a diploma or GED. The economy of the 21st century requires a highly skilled and educated workforce in order to meet the demands of what is now a global marketplace. Without a pathway to earn an education that can help propel them into a better future, these underprepared youth will strain state and regional economies. Restore Education strives to provide a unique pathway to help these youth attain their educational and life goals, which will then transform not only their lives, but also improve the quality of life in Bexar County and South Texas.

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