City of San Antonio Administrative Directive 1.2 Prohibits it.
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Texas State House of Representative candidate Fernando Padron affixed a sign to the fence on Saturday 9/8/2018 at 9:42 pm I observed him and his son affix this to the Fire station property. The San Antonio Fire Department informed me on Tuesday 9/4 that these signs are not supposed to be on the property. A candidate needs to respect current laws on the books, before making laws for the rest of us to follow, I don’t care if they are Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Independant, or what political philosophy they have. No one is above the law, Even Brett Kavanaugh acklowdeges this. I reported these today and called them in to 311. So Fernando, if you are watching, now is the opportunity to take your sign down before the City of San Antonio destroys it.

More info on Political signage is NOT ALLOWED on San Antonio Fire station property