Located in Live Oak, TX (San Antonio) this burger joint offers a couple of challenges. I had already set the record for the smaller challenge with 6 min flat but I knew it was time to test my eating skills once again. The Hinden Burger Challenge consist of 4- 1lb patties, 10 slices of assorted cheeses, bacon, fried egg, grilled onions, jalapenos, and of course avacado. I had 45 minutes to complete the challenge! I would be only the second person to accomplish, pic on the wall of fame, and a free “Cruisin” T-Shirt to add to my collection. Subscribe, like, and follow me on my food and fitness journeys! #burgerchallenge #hindenburgerchallenge #biffbuzbys #biffbuzbysburgerchallenge #7lbhamburger #bigassburgers #randysantel #foodchallengescom

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