Everything is Bigger in Texas… Especially the Portion Sizes of Food! What should you eat when you visit Texas? There are more than 5 great treats to eat for foodies when they visit Texas. Our 5 Most Popular Dishes to eat when you visit Texas are…
1. Texas BBQ: Eat the Beef Brisket
2. Tex-Mex: From breakfast tacos, to puffy tacos, to insane queso you will eat well in Texas.
3. Texas Chili: Meat chili with no beans, and especially tasty if you have it on a Frito Pie (corn chips covered with chili and cheese).
4. Chicken Fried Steak: Flattened steak, battered and fried up. A plate of pleasure for foodies in Texas.
5. Texas Beer & Margaritas: Local beer is great in Texas and the Margaritas will help you get through your travels in Texas

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