The perfect day? Travel photography, street tacos, and BBQ in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.
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Travel photography isn’t about the pictures. It’s about experiences. And, if you’re a travel photographer just to make pictures, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, travel photographers make images. And, yes, we really enjoy making pictures. But, above all, it’s about growing, and experiencing the world around us.
On today’s photography vlog, I’m still in Texas. I have three things on my mind today: travel photography, street food, and BBQ.
I took care of the photography side of things in San Antonio where I went to The Alamo for some shots. Though I didn’t get great light, I did get an image I liked.
Then, I took care of the food side of things after arriving in Austin. We went to Las Trancas for some street food tacos. Then, we went to Terry Black’s BBQ for some brisket. It was amazing. Actually, all the food in Texas has been amazing.
Tomorrow, I’m leaving Texas and heading back to Europe. Stay tuned.

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