Quick video about the SATX Social Ride on 9/19/17.

If you’re like me, then you probably have a day job. Look at me pretending to answer the phone. If you’re also like me, you can’t wait to shed this exoskeleton called the suit. While most evenings you can find me driving home to watch wheel of fortune, on Tuesday nights you can find me here at the Burleson Beer yard. Not to get drunk, but to meet up with hundreds of other cycling enthusiasts. This is the SATX Social Ride. With a different route each week, ride marshals to keep everyone in control, and a fully stocked SAG vehicle, this is the perfect ride for all skill levels. I’m generally always a bit early, but gives me a chance to have a snack, check out the other bikes, bump into friends, and my favorite part; riding up the hays street bridge. With great city views it’s the best perch to get some scene setting footage. This vast urban landscape will be the perfect arena for 300 road warriors looking to shake those work day blues. This guy is pumped…let me just see if I can help him out.
This ride kicks off every Tuesday at 7pm, and no bike or cyclist is rejected. It’s typically between 10 and 15 miles with a relatively easy pace. The event postings on Facebook are also very detailed and will provide all the info you need to have a stellar time. This particular ride was the ever so enjoyable hill ride. That isn’t sarcasm…I truly enjoy climbs.
I often find myself riding alone, but a social ride is a great reminder that biking is more than a hobby…it’s a community. Check with your local bike shop or check around on Facebook. Almost every city has some sort of cycling meet up. So if you enjoy riding with others, and making new friends, go out and get social. Thanks for watching…see you next Sunday.

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