Off to Tech School on his Birthday, My oldest son Graduation day 4/29/2010 to 5/4/2010 (BREATHING FRESH AIR) when Jacob and I returned back to NYC on 5/5/2010, In July when NYCHA did an Asbestos abatement on the roof, rocks came in on Jacob and I via the windows (which was also mold infiltrated) caused him to develop pneumonia in his lungs, he was only 5. He had to celebrate his 6th birthday in the hospital. Before we moved in NYCHA knew but never informed us about the Mold, Asbestos or Fire in this apartment…we found out when it was to late for me and Jacob.

More info on My Son’s U.S Air Force (BMT) Graduation, Lackland AFB San Antonio TX (TECH SCHOOL) 2010

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