This was initially going to be a quick stop for Auditors but once we found how many of these Agencies were showing up in Government issued vehicles WITH FAMILY ALONG-we ended up staying on longer than planned. I have enough footage to produce a second video from this-watch for it later in the week.So many Agencies were involved in this “Conference” that it is all but impossible to track each Offender down and notify the Agency of possible misconduct. One has to wonder how many of these people paid for alcoholic beverages with our tax money-stripper clubs-etc… The “Blue Wall” is protecting them-of course. The Agencies we were able to ID vehicles from have been contacted-thusfar,none have replied.
If we cannot trust these Public Servants to do the right thing while out in the open such as this-how can they be trusted when nobody is looking?? Tax Payers should not be funding Personal Vacations and Private Association meetings.
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