From random steel houses built on the countryside to the leaning water tower, here 12 strange places in Texas.

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12. Paris, Texas
Howdy, y’all welcome to Texas, where everything is much bigger. Texas is about the same size as France but with about half the population around 22 million people, but plenty of longhorn cows. Texas has wanted to be their own country in the past, and full with people just 100% proud to call the 2nd largest US state their home. They also have this landmark in common with the people of France, in the same city as the French Capital. That’s about all Texas and France have in common but it’s still a pretty eye-catching monument for travellers to take a photo with. It’s about 70 feet high and just to give this place a little Texas flare to it, a cowboy hat was placed at the top! Some have called this the dumbest idea in the world but locals seem to take a liking towards it so it stayed.

11. Forbidden Gardens

10. Futuro House, Texas
There’s quite a few strange houses out there in Texas that we’ll get to later and the Futuro house is certainly one of them. Don’t worry! Aliens haven’t landed on earth just yet but This flying saucer style house can be only found in a few different parts of the world but this one we see here is abandoned and located in Rockwall County, Texas. This looks like one of the creepier places to explore in the Lone Star State and this photo was captured from the interior. It looks as though vandals, or disturbed people got in there and wrote some disturbing messages. The futuristic houses were taken off the market and were a big business failure. The way they were constructed makes them nearly impossible to disassemble and it’s been sitting on the side of the highway for decades now, intriguing travellers.

9. Cathedral of Junk, Austin

8. Cowgirl Hall of Fame
Where else would you expect to find the cowgirl hall of fame? Located in Fort Worth Texas, is this museum which is dedicated to celebrate the women past and present who helped shape the American west. At this museum, you can maybe begin to understand the fascination Texas has with cowboys and how it’s rooted in their history! They don’t wear those cowgirl boots for nothing! Women at this time were as tough as nails and knew how to fire a six shooter. Women like Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley were well known for keeping up with the guys in whisky drinking competitions, and you can learn a bit about women like here at this museum.

7. Leaning Tower of Texas

6. Luecke
Throughout the ages, mankind has tried his best to communicate with the cosmos looking down and our next one can simply be enjoyed on google maps or from an airplane. A giant geoglyph appears with the name of “Luecke” with each letter stretching thousands of feet. This is found just east of Austin and is written from north to south. The Luecke farm in Smithville, is considered to be the world’s largest signature and it’s even turned out to be useful to Nasa! Needless to say the landowner, Jimmy Luecke is a little egotistical but has no problem getting his name out there.

5. Spindletop Boomtown Museum

4. Ransom Canyon Steel House
When we said there were a few strange houses in Texas, this one could be the winner! It took 34 years to construct and is made out of steel. The artist by the name of Robert Bruno lived in this house 8 months before passing away but he’s certainly made his mark on the landscape, it sits on the edge of the Ransom Canyon, located just west of Lubbock, it’s been praised by the artists’ community as a stunning one of a kind accomplishment. It’s made of 150 tons of steel and we can imagine it would prove to be fairly sturdy in the case of a zombie apocalypse. With 2,200 square feet of space, it currently is being used to exhibit art shows and host private events.

3. Sixth Floor Museum

2. Travelling Man
Travelling man is actually an art installation in Dallas that portrays him in 3 different locations. The artist Brad Oldham, wanted there to be a short story that the locals could explain about how he was created. The story goes that he was actually a locomotive train that was buried under an elm tree. When someone spilled gin over the tree, he began to emerge from the ground. We see that part in this statue called the Awakening, where his head barely sticks out from the ground, next he reclines against the side of the street playing the guitar. And finally, he’s standing tall with a few of his bird companions by his side! The transformer is found in 3 different places, so it makes a fun journey to try to find em all.

1.Cadillac Ranch

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