Where are the worst places to live in Texas?

We did some number crunching to find out.

Ah, Texas! Beauty, sunshine and beaches. Lots of people in America want to move to Texas for a variety of reasons. While lots of places in Texas are truly fabulous, there's also cities in the Lone Star State that outright suck. The worst parts of Texas, you know when you see them, they're the parts of Texas where you don't want to go, if you can help it. Just look at Cameron County, the goal today is to highlight the cities in Texas that are the worst of them all. How do we do it? We measure the things most bad cities have, you know where people are broke, where lots of people don't have a job and where crime is sky high. We even measured the public school education levels and the weather. Let's get started. Shall we begin?

Rio Grande City

Our first stop on our unfavorable journey through Texas starts in Rio Grande City, located right along the US-Mexico border just west of McAllen. What makes Rio Grande City such a lousy place to live? Not only are one-in-seven residents out of work but the average income level for residents here, is just above the poverty line. Plus it's a really boring hot place to live, where it can get all the way up to 108 degrees in March. Yuck. What's good about Rio Grande City, well since it's right on the border you can probably find drug tunnels in town, but they might end up in your own backyard.

Freeport TX

Just down the coast from Galveston in Brazoria County, is a small city of Freeport which is in the top ten percent in Texas for household vacancy rates and in the bottom 10 percent for income levels and public school funding. While important for the state's economy report is packed with chemical companies, plus you're right on the coast which means hurricanes are always in the back of your mind. Is there an upside to living in Freeport? Well the crime is in as high as other locations and if you like Mexican food and there's just about more tacos per capita than anywhere else in the state.

Weslaco TX

About halfway between Brownsville and Rio Grande City along Interstate 2 is Weslaco, one of the worst places in the state. You know when you get there, just you'll see a car up on a block. Weslaco has one of the highest crime rates in the entire state and it's a type of place you don't want to let your guard down or you're gonna have a bad time. Additionally one in five homes here is vacant and nearly one in ten people are without a job. The upside of living in Weslaco, there's a state park here with lots of birds to stare out if that's your thing.

Tomball TX

Way out of the suburbs, north of Houston is the lousy city of Tomball Texas. Crime is above average, the cost of living is fairly high and the commute times are horrible. If you work in downtown Houston, you have to spend lots of time back and forth on route 249 every day. Yuck. On the bright side Tomball has three Whataburger’s within a ten minute drive.

Vidor TX

If you drive up the highway from Beaumont, before you even finish that Dr Pepper, you'd be in Vidor and you'd be scared. When you factor in a low student expenditure and a very high unemployment rate, Vidor is just a very lousy place to live. What else is interesting about Vidor, well it's been a longtime haven for the KKK so the racial separation here makes this an even worse place to live and the numbers indicate.

Mercedes TX

We built this city we built this city and now it sucks. Welcome to Mercedes Texas, the fifth worst place to live in the entire state. What's the deal with this part of the state anyways? Mercedes is another awful place to live in the Rio Grande Valley and don't let the name of the city fool you either. This place certainly isn't luxurious. Here in Mercedes crime is far above average, household's border on the poverty line and almost 9% of people are out of work. Practically everybody on internet forums say that if you don't lock something up in Mercedes, it'll be gone by morning. What's good about Mercedes, well there's a lot of strip malls here and Mercedes residents earn more than people in Donna so they can brag about that if they want. Hey yo, this video is brought to you in part by clippers on Martin Luther King Avenue and Sunnyside. Come on and get your hair done, they do it tight and right, that's Clippers on MLK GE.

Galveston TX

Continuing our worst tour of Texas we come to Galveston right on the Texas coast. Galveston has an astounding 38 percent vacancy rate, yeah to beach town and homes are used for vacation but that's still off the chart. Additionally crime here is very high and household incomes are very low. Factor in one of the least sunniest places in the state, you've got a lousy place to live. The upside of living in Galveston, you get to meet lots and lots and lots of new people on Galveston's beaches every summer.

Donna TX

Back down along the interstate 2 corridor that we've identified as being awful, is the real crummy city of Donna Texas. Lots of people Donna live on the edge of poverty and crime is just about as high as any other place in Texas. We tried to find feedback on forums from people who are moving to Donna looking for advice. Problem is no one's moving to Donna Texas apparently or at least publicly admitting it. What about fun? Donna has a library, a paintball field, a bar and a red box machine where you can get all the latest movies and Donna high school won the 1961 2a state football title so they have that.

Port Arthur TX

Just down the road from Beaumont also in southern Texas is the coastal city of Port Arthur. Where one in five homes is vacant and unemployment is almost twice the national average. Not in Port Arthur though, if you like sunny days, Port Arthur ranks almost dead last in Texas in terms of number of sunny days a year. On the bright side, spinning levels for Public Schools in Port Arthur is the second highest in Texas. That's awesome, plus Port Arthur High School has two high school football titles, under their belt and where's the worst city in Texas?

Jacksonville TX

That would be Jacksonville hands down. Located way out in the middle of nowhere in eastern Texas, Jacksonville is a boring place with a really bad economy. Jacksonville's 20th in crime, has a six percent unemployment rate and school spending is just about as low as you'll see on the Lone Star State. When you’re in some of the worst Texas communities, some parts might be hard to tell apart but you can tell who's from Jacksonville though. They're the ones with forty, the pistol, beat-up car and a pit bull. And Jacksonville high has zero league football titles to their credit. If you don't live in Jacksonville or any of the other Texas cities we mentioned, you don't have it that bad. Congratulations.


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