The River Walk in San Antonio Texas is even more beautiful than I thought!

My name is Mike and I travel around with my dog Sober in my 2003 F450 Class C SunSeeker with a v10 engine, living on the road. I also started a relationship with a woman named Marlo who after being together with for around a year, sold her house and bought her own class A rig to join me on the road traveling. My dog Sober’s name has nothing to do with drinking, it is her personality. She is always calm and Sober!

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Gopro Hero 3+ Black, Gopro Hero 3 silver/white, iSteady Pro Hohem Handheld 3-axis Electric Gimbal, Adobe Premiere Pro editing software, various lapel mics wireless.

I got my dog named Sober in Slab City in 2013. Her name was Sober when I got HER. It has nothing to do with drinking. It’s just her personality.

Music: Ason ID ~ Chills

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